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About Us

Latin American Book Source, Inc. was founded in 1989. Our mission has been to be a bridge to the Spanish-speaking world.


The Spanish as a Second Language project was born in 2010. The need to supply books quickly and inexpensively to Spanish teachers, schools and school districts prompted the effort by publishers of ELE (Español como Lengua Extranjera / Spanish as a Second Language), America Reads Spanish and Latin American Book Source, Inc.


We will make our best effort to stock the over 1,500 products ELE publishers have. Publishers of ELE are committed to providing the best service so that their books become readily available.  America Reads Spanish's contribution will be to communicate and disseminate information about new releases and backlists to their many institutional members and to promote the distribution of books.


We believe the quality of ELE (SSL) titles from Spain is unsurpassed. Furthermore, the Marco Común de referencia para las lenguas, to which all ELE Spanish publishers adhere, provides a framework of reference essential for the standardization of language teaching and learning. We believe slowly but surely teachers of languages in the US will adopt this framework and this will in turn increase the level of learning and teaching Spanish in the country.


Thank you.